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Taylor - Volin, South Dakota

Taylor is our first child. My husband and I were so excited when we found out we were pregnant after a year of trying and fertility treatments. She is also the first grandchild on both sides of our family. Everyone was so excited for her arrival.

We found out about Taylor’s hand during our 5 month ultrasound. All the doctor said was that something was wrong with her left hand, some sort of birth defect. We were referred to a peri-natalogist for further evaluation. My husband and I were shocked and confused when we left that ultrasound. A birth defect? We traced both our family histories and found no birth defects in any member. Our first appointment with the peri-natalogist was both good and bad. Bad because as much as we wanted the ultrasound to be wrong, it wasn’t. Good because we now knew what was going on and could begin to face the challenge. I went instantly to the internet with the little information I had. The doctors could not tell me exactly what her condition was. All they could say was that her left hand did not fully develop and it appeared to be missing 3 fingers. (Taylor is missing her three middle fingers on her left hand.) And to this day, I still don’t have a diagnosis. So, I researched everything I could. The emotions that came and went from this point on were filled with sadness, fear, anger and guilt. It was hard to understand and all we could do was ask “Why us?”

Our now 4 month old Taylor arrived on May 2, 2007. For the first couple months, I spent a lot of time crying about her hand. I knew that we as parents could handle the challenge that God had put in front of us, but I was so scared for our little girl and the challenges she would have to face. I worry about others and how they will react. I worry about how she will be treated by her peers. I have already realized that even at 4 months, her friends at daycare treat her no different and understand that God just gave her a special hand. She is so adored by all her daycare friends.

We will be taking Taylor to the Shriner’s Hospital in November for her first evaluation. I had spent numerous hours on the internet trying to find a doctor to help us with Taylor’s hand. We were wanting more answers and to know what all the options would be for her. We wanted to make sure that everything possible was done to ensure that she would have the most function out of her left hand.

Taylor is the light of our lives. Her beautiful smile and giggle reminds us that she will succeed in anything she sets her mind to. We believe that her little hand only adds to the beauty of her personality and makes her that much more special!

Reading the stories of Superhand Kids has been a big inspiration for us. There is so much comfort in knowing there are others going through what we are going through.

To communicate with Taylor, you may contact her parents via email. They'd love to hear from you.

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