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Samuel - Du Quoin, Illinois

It is often said that Sam Kuhnert was born with a ball in his hand. He had no interest in baby rattles or other toys if they weren't round or elliptical in shape. When he was just 18 months old, his older brother played t-ball. The coach would stay after the game and toss pitches to an anxious Sam because he refused to hit off the T. Sam would smack the ball and round the bases like a pro. This went on until he reached team-ball age. Many parents and players often stayed and watched because Sam was born without a left hand.

Sam continued to play baseball as he does now with his whole heart. This year, as a sophomore in High School, Sam hit his very first over the (big -tall left field) fence home-run on his very first at bat, in the first game of the season against Herrin High School JV at Herrin, IL. There was not a dry eye in the stands. You see, these parents, grandparents, and classmates, have watched Sam try to achieve this since he could hold a bat. Of course, his folks didn't have a camera with them. However, the memory of those big brown eyes and adorably deep dimples rounding the bases will never be stolen from their mind or anyone else's that witnessed the result of years of diligence, hard work, effort, perseverance and determination.

Sam is batting .750 for his team and is a starter on the mound, allowing only 1 earned run so far this season. Sam has never asked for special treatment, and works 3 times harder than any of his teammates. His little hand "The Nub" as his teammates affectionately call it, has given him a platform that he has learned to embrace in order to encourage and inspire others.

As successful as Sam is in baseball, it's a toss-up for him as to which sport is his favorite. He letters in three sports at DuQuoin High School in Illinois. He is a catching tight -end on the Varsity Football team. He has been blessed with having had a freshman football coach with the exact limb difference. His coach didn't cut him any slack, ever! And, Sam responded by catching several touchdown passes.

He will be playing Varsity basketball this winter after a successful season of Sophomore and JV at the post position. He is anxious to get his summer basketball schedule started. There is not a busier, more active kid on the planet. Quit is not in his vocabulary. His positive attitude even when things are going south and his visible faith in his Lord, keep all inspired who know him.

Going to the mall in the nearby college town of Carbondale with Sam is like walking with a celebrity at times. People from all over say hello to him. He's a normal teen boy and enjoys as much mischief as any other, but it helps keep him out of trouble knowing that so many eyes are on him.

Sam has a goal of establishing an athletic camp for kids with limb differences. He also would eventually like to coach something at the college level. He also has a desire to design and market sport equipment and training aids for athletes like him. Jeremiah 29:11-12

To communicate with Sam, you may contact his parents via email.

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