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Regan - Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Christmas day 2004 at age 4

HI My name is Michelle and my son Regan was born into this world on the 16th of February 2000. He was born with a little fully webbed left hand and small arm as well as missing parts of his pectoralis muscle major. Regan had his first surgery at the age of only 5 months to separate his thumb and little finger. After the operation he was diagnosed with asthma.

He continued to thrive and then at the age of 13 months he had his second surgery where the surgeons took a piece of bone from his toes to put into his index finger, which was known as the floaty finger. This operation was a huge success and over a year later he had that finger (now the strongest) separated.

Regan currently has his middle and ring finger still joined and is happy to leave it as it is. The surgeons are concerned that he will not have enough blood vessel in his middle finger to let it be on its own. We will go back in a few months to see how it is all going. Regan is now 5 years old and has just started school. He loves it and all the children are amazing and just love Regan's "little hand." There is nothing this little man cannot do.

At the age of 6 months I was still overwhelmed at having a baby that had a "disability" that I decided to start a web site. I have met so many wonderful people who have helped my family through the hard times and I am there to help others as well. We currently have over 1600 members and are growing stronger everyday. The site is Poland's Syndrome Support I look forward to meeting more people there as we grow.
Hand after healing had begun after his separation of his index finger, late 2003

To communicate with Regan send an email his parents, Phil and Michelle.

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