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Rahemeen - Islamabad, Pakistan
I still very clearly remember the day when Rahemeen was gifted to us by Allah. We have waited long for a baby. We knew the baby is going to be a girl by antenatal scan. There was everything normal. We have collected lots of pink baby clothes and other accessories. Delivery was uncomplicated but everyone around appeared to be disturbed, I wondered why. They showed me the baby after few hours. It was a real shock. I cried and cried and wished a miracle would occur giving my baby the missing hand. I asked the pediatrician can they transplant my hand to her. I thought I could never be happy again.
I am a gynecologist working in a busy public hospital with over 5000 deliveries every year. I have not seen a baby with such a defect. Initially I was reluctant to show my baby to family and friends. What would they say. Then a surgeon friend of mine told me in clear terms that there was not much that could be done and I have to face it,the earlier the better. With time passage Rahemeen grew into a beautiful, intelligent girl who takes part in all activities. Credit goes to her teachers who encouraged her to take part in all school activities including roles and plays. Once she played Cinderella and she really looked like one.

At the moment she is 10 years old and happy about her life except that she finds difficulty in riding a bicycle and hanging from monkey bars. I hope she stays like that, happy and confident. As she is growing old I am worrying about her carrier options. I want to know if I am doing my best for her or there is anything else which I could do. Are there any recent surgical options available. When she was 7, I got her a cosmetic prosthesis from a German centre here in Pakistan. They matched the color and everything else of the glove as her normal hand. However Rahemeen refused to wear it, saying she is more comfortable without it. We do not have more advanced functional hand prosthesis here in Pakistan as far as I know and as they need changing as she grows old it is not possible for me to take her abroad. I may be able to do that when she is fully grown that is if she be willing to use them.

You may communicate with Rahemeen's mother, Raheen, via email.

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