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Preston - Grand Blanc, Michigan

A few days before Christmas 2007 we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd child and we could not be happier as we were trying for him. I was sick from the first day. We went in at 6 weeks to find out if everything was okay, but they told me that there was no heart beat and they couldn't see anything so that I probably miscarried. They told me to go home to rest and come back in 2 weeks. When we came back after 2 weeks I was still sick and felt very pregnant. My levels had doubled so we did a ultrasound and they saw a little baby. I was so happy. I was so sick I couldn't eat. I couldn't take my vitamins everyday and it was horrible. At 4 months I started to feel somewhat better. I had a kept telling the doctor something was wrong. I just felt like something was missing. I had 2 other pregnancies and neither of them felt that way. She just kept saying, "well maybe this is your girl," which we thought for sure that had to be.

At 5 months I went in for my ultrasound and as soon as she scanned over my belly I saw that he was a boy and she said well geez you are good! We sat in that ultrasound for 20 minutes as she checked everything. I asked her if everything is there and looks good and she said yes so I felt good. I was a little worried his daddy would be sad that he still wasn't going to have a girl, but to my surprise his daddy said how lucky he was. I felt so blessed, I spent the next weeks sick again in and out of the doctor's office.

He didn't move enough so they would check all my ultrasound pictures. When I look back at the pictures now, I can see that his hand was missing fingers. It's probably a good thing they didn't tell me. My husband was in and out of the hospital from surgeries so it would have just worried us too much I think. The last six weeks I moved in with my sister in case I went into pre-term labor again. I was so sick still that I didn't gain any weight during the last 4 weeks except in my belly.

At 39 weeks I went into labor it was very rough. I had my second without drugs or help, so this time I was crying for drugs. I knew he was going to be big. When he was born I knew something was wrong because no one was talking and the look on his daddy's face is something I will never forget. They wrapped him and handed him too me and I thought he was perfect. I asked my husband if there something wrong with the baby and he said,"well his hand is a little different," and then started crying.

I was scared to look and when I did I just felt such sorrow for my little boy in those minutes his whole life flashed before me. I wonder of all the things that would be hard for him in life now looking back it was stupid because he can do anything and everything anyone can do.

Preston's left hand looks like he has a normal thumb but the rest is hard too tell. I think it's his pointer and ring finger and his middle are webbed and he is missing the from his pinky down to his wrist. I spent the night alone crying and grieving the loss of those little fingers. I felt so sad, his daddy was angry at first. He wondered how and why this could happen to our baby. We brought him home and everyday has been such a blessing. Soon we will talk to our hand surgeon and I am hoping to get some answers from that as too what this is called. Today Preston is one month old and is so wonderful. His big brothers are so in love with him. I'm very lucky .

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