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Betty Lou Pedersen - Victoria, Texas

I was born in South Texas in 1943. I was named Betty Lucylle Jank. I was born with the affect of ABS. I was born with only two small fingers on my left hand. I have a palm.

As I aged I would often ask why I was this way. I was told all kind of reasons. I really do not think my family knew the answer to this question in those days and made something up to just satisfy my curiosity.

My parents divorced when I was two years old. I was the only child in this marriage. My father received custody of me when the marriage ended. He remarried when I was five years old. From this marriage came three sons.

My family lived on a farm and ranch. My father was a farmer and raised cattle. I was a loner in my younger years. I had a dog named Spot. I would always go rabbit hunting with him in our meadows. I did not start school until I was seven years old.

My father sheltered me very much. To this day,I can't help but feel my father maybe was ashamed of me. I am very shy of my hand. I think it is because of the way my dad treated me. I know that my biological mother wasn't ashamed of me because we talked many times about everything that bothered me. I did not live with my biological mother. When I did start to school, I was sent to a Catholic Academy in another town. Memories just came to me about something. My father tried to even get me in this academy to become a nun. They wouldn't accept me. In later years I would think back and this would hurt me so just to think about what my dad tried to do. To this very day, it hurts me so much. I went to this school for two years. My parents then enrolled me in the public school in our home town. I graduated from this school.

At the age of eighteen, I left home and entered Beauty School and graduated from this school. I met my first husband while going to beauty school. We married in 1963. We had two children. A girl named, Mia Yvette and a son named Charles. Mia is married and a mother to three children, my grandchildren. I was married nearly thirty-nine years. After many years of verbal and physical abuse, I decided I didn't deserve this kind of treatment and filed for a divorce.

I lived with my step-mother until I met my husband. I inherited four stepchildren and two grandchildren. My husband is a plumber. Our main hobby is raising quarter horses. I have looked for quit a while on the computer and finally found information about ABS. I am finally finding peace within my self, after these many years. I just wish I could find other adults in my age group so we could talk or e-mail each other. I do all my typing with my right hand. Taught myself to type. If you have any questions,please ask.

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