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Monica - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Monica was born on August 6, 2000. I had a normal delivery, normal labor and normal ultra sounds. We never excepted anything to be wrong with our child. She was born at 3:24 pm with very good scores: I believe they where 8 and 9. Many visitors later, someone noticed that one of her thumbs seemed a bit smaller than the other and that she didn't seem to notice us moving it for her. I immediately called in the nurse who had no clue as to why. When her doctor came the next morning we started to ask questions to which he had no answers. He said that when Monica was around 12 or 13 years old we could see a plastic surgeon to correct the problem. I finely decided that he had no idea what he was talking about and on my own I stated setting up appointments with hand doctors we finally found a doctor who was able to tell us what her condition was called. The doctor told us her condition is called hypoplastic thumb syndrome. She has this condition on both hands.
The left hand had pollization of her index finger on the right hand she had the web space deepened and a skin flap added. I feel like we had the best doctor in Oklahoma. She now has great use of both hands and thumbs and so far doesn't seem to notice that her hands are different. She will be starting preschool in August at an all-day place.
She's growing up so fast this is where my fears start to come in. We have never made her hands an issue and I don't know how she will react when someone does. They have no idea what caused her condition yet it is usually combined with other disorders which she doesn't have. She had her surgeries within the first 18 months of life. I realize every day how lucky I am to have a child as bright and strong as she is. Monica is truly an angel.

To communicate with Monica, you may contact her parents at email.
Jay, Rebecka, and Monica

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