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Matthew - Raleigh, North Carolina

Matthew loves to swing!
Matthew was born on March 6th 2002. According to all the scans we had during the pregnancy everything was great. So it came as a huge shock when I looked across at my newborn son, moments after giving birth to him, and discovered that his right hand had not fully developed. The first few days were extremely hard for me. I loved my son unconditionally, but all I could think about were the things he would have difficulty doing in life.

Well, Matthew he has taught me so much in the last few years. Sure, Matthew may be different to the “norm”, but everyone is different in many different ways. He is doing everything that other children his age are doing…nothing stops him at all.

Matt in 2008!
When Matthew was little, he crawled around at the speed of sound. He has overcome many challenges and is able to do whatever he wants. His character and determination gives him the ability to do anything he wants to do.

In my opinion, these special kids have such amazing personalities and character that others see that in them way before they even notice their special hand. Some people who have met Matthew, after I remark on Matthew’s hand, reply “What’s wrong with his hand?” Because it does not stop him from doing anything and he has such a happy personality, people do not even notice how special he really is.

Matthew with his mummy and daddy

Update: May 2005

Matthew turned 3 years old in March and is a wonderful big brother to William who just turned 1 year old. He has a couple of adaptive bits of equipment, but on the whole chooses to find his own way around things which I think is great. Nothing gets in his way still and I am sure it never will.

Matthew continues yearly appointments at the Shriners Hospital. They decided that there is really nothing they can do for him as he does so well on his own. They asked if he could continue to go there once a year for check-ups, but more for their research purposes than anything.

Matthew is a big brother to William. He is a wonderful brother and loves William so much. He is forever going up to him giving him kisses and worrying when he cries. I can not wait to see them playing together and know that there will be no stopping Matthew in anything - he will definitely not let William show him up in anything! Matthew is a very stubborn little boy, but I believe that this quality in him will mean that no challenge will be too big for him and that, in the words from his favorite TV show "Blues Clues", he will do anything he wants to do.

Update: May 2006

Matthew is now an active 4 year old little boy who lives life to its fullest and thrives in everything he does. A few weeks ago he began playing soccer at our YMCA and absolutely loves it – he is very proud to be on the purple team. Another one of his loves is music. He has always enjoyed listening to, dancing to, and playing music. His Grandparents bought him a small guitar which he has fun trying to play. Hopefully this love will stay with him and he will master guitar playing sometime down the line. His Shriners appointments are still yearly and just for check ups.
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