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Mackenzie Grace - Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom

Mackenzie Grace was born in June 07. I'd had a miscarriage the previous year and at 42 thought that was Mother's Natures way of telling me three beautiful girls was enough! The pregnancy was straight forward and when we went for a scan at 18 weeks we were informed there was a problem with one of her arms. No other details were given and I had a scan every month after that so the Doctors could try and figure out what the problem was. Eventually we were told that her forearm on the left side had not formed. She had an elbow and then the two bones had fused together but no one could tell us why.

All sorts of things were going through my head and I kept thinking about all the things she would not be able to do - ride a bike, scooter, tie up laces wear a wedding ring!! How crazy?!

She was born at our local birthing center in around 20 minutes! Our midwife didn't have time to put her scrubs on! She was beautiful and looked just like our other three girls!

We moved back to the U.K six months later and she has gone from strength to strength. She is a very determined and strong willed young lady. She is walking, talking and will climb over anything in her way! I am amazed at how strong she is and how she adapts to do things in her own way. We have given her no special attention because of her arm and her sisters treat her exactly the same way. They do not give her any leeway and she has to do things for herself.

She is growing into a beautiful little girl who always has a smile for everyone and is now giving kisses to anyone who comes close! She still has to see Doctors over here and have regular check ups. She was fitted with a prosthetic arm at the age of 8 months but quite frankly she just used it to hit everyone with and I felt it was hindering her development. She has progressed much quicker without it. I'm sure as she gets older she may want to try again or maybe just have one for cosmetic reasons and we will be there to help her through that, until then she continues to impress us with her strength and resilience and is looking forward to being a bridesmaid for my sister in February 2009!

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