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Lyric - Duluth, Minnesota

I found out that I was pregnant on March 30th, 2009 I was nervous but excited at the same time. I told my boyfriend that night after he got home from work and he made me feel a lot less nervous about it because he was so happy about it> The next day he came home with a baby blanket, prenatal vitamins and the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book.

I went to my regular doctors appointments and my boyfriend came to every single one of them with me. I always had high blood pressure but not to the point of pre-eclampsia. They decided that I should have regular Ultra Sounds once a month to make sure my son was growing properly and everything was okay. It was time for my 20 week ultrasound where they check everything from head to toe and tell you the sex if you want to know. We found out we were having a baby boy and that he was perfect. I continued to have ultra sounds and was continually being told that everything was fine with him.

On Friday November 20 I had my last doctor appointment before my son was born. The doctor ruptured my membranes. By that night I was having horrible back pain and didn't get one ounce of sleep and was having contractions all day Saturday. My son was born November 22nd,2009 at 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches long. I woke up in the recovery room and was asking so many questions like "Is my baby okay?" How much did he weigh?" Does he have hair?" Finally I got to go to my room, but was still very sleepy. My son's Pediatrition came in right after I got to my room and said he was healthy and said..."I'm assuming your parents told you about his hand."

I didn't really understand what she meant, so after she left I asked my boyfriend what she was talking about. He started to tear up a little and said "Lyric was born missing his left hand" and then my parents came in and told me that also. I had a ton of questions going through my head: Why didn't they see it on the ultra sounds? what did I do to make him this way? How will he do this or that?

He was a perfectly healthy baby, thank goodness. We went to several doctors to figure out why this could have happened. We saw a geneticist when he was around 4 months of age and they tested him for a bone marrow disorder which would eventually cause the marrow to fail, luckily he didn't have it. They called it Hypodactylia-Hypoglossia Spectrum which just describes his physical differences. Along with his missing hand he has a small thumb on his right hand, a curly pinky toe on his right foot which will correct itself when he starts walking more, one side of his face is a little fuller than the other side which I didn't even notice nor did anyone else, and a small divot on his upper lip which no one noticed either and he has a mild case of limited range of motion in his jaw.

It just came down to...it was just something that happened, it was nothing that I did that made him the way he is. We have seen more doctors in his first year of life than I would have liked, but it has been for his well being. We made an appointment a while back for a prosthetic hand, but then canceled it because he was doing everything fine just the way he was. He crawls, he plays, he pulls himself up on the furniture, he walks along the furniture, he drinks from a sippy cup...he does everything anyone else can do some things just in a different way. He has made me so proud, he has made me a better and stronger person and I want him to know that nothing can stop him and he can do anything he wants to do. I believe it will also make him a better and stronger person. He amazes me every single day and I'm glad to be his mom! He just turned 1 this past November and I cant believe how fast his first year went!

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