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Lola - Dublin, California

Lola was born on January 30th 2003. Much to her father (Bill) and my surprise, Lola was born missing a majority of her left hand, something that wasn't detected on the ultrasounds we had had during the pregnancy. Because the occurrence of this is so rare (1 in 100,000 births), even the doctors were shocked and didn't really know how to explain it. Obviously the shock and anxiety during the days, weeks and months following her birth were extremely difficult.
Once we arrived home from the hospital I went into research mode. I spent every free second on the Internet trying to get as much information as possible. I searched for other families with children like Lola and finally after several weeks of searching, found an organization dedicated to parents and children with upper extremity deficiencies or "differences". This group was exactly what we needed, we found several parents in the Bay Area and all across the country that we could share our concerns with. In speaking with these families who's children ranged in ages from birth - up, not only did we find that these kids/young adults are just like every other person their age, we found that a majority of the parents look at this as a blessing and wouldn't want their child any other way.

Now, 12 months later, little Lola is 1 year old and continues to amaze us. I must admit we feel not only blessed with such an awesome little girl, but we feel as though God has entrusted us to care for and raise one of his very special angels. Her hand, although a relevant concern, no longer monopolizes my day. To date, it has not held her back one bit, and I know for a fact it won't in the future either. The funny thing is, after spending quite a bit of time with other children affected by similar differences, it's apparent that two hands are really over rated.

Since Lola's birth, my goals have changed a little. I resigned from my job and now spend a majority of my time being a mom. I am also taking this opportunity to make a difference. I know there's a reason for everything and this is my opportunity to get the word out about individualism. One of my goals is to help change the perceptions of people who are different. I feel this overwhelming need to educate everyone (adults and children) to let them know that although that person with a funny limp or that child that talks funny may look or sound different, they are just like everyone else on the inside. Never in my life have I felt so passionate about getting the word out to everyone. I feel the need to change the world before Lola or any other child is negatively affected by someone's ignorance.

My husband and I have learned and grown so much this past year because of our little Lola. She like all children are gifts no matter what differentiates them from the rest. Many suggestions stick out in my mind related to parenting children with differences. The following suggestions were shared not only by other parents but also other people with limb differences whom I've had the pleasure of spending time with.

  1. Love and adore your child and treat them no differently then you would a child with no difference.
  2. Lead and teach by example when educating others about your child's difference. (Remember, they will learn from you how to educate people in the future)
  3. Be honest with your child regarding their difference.
  4. Never downplay their emotions and never say you "completely" understand what they are going through related to their difference. (Unless you can sincerely empathize with them, you probably don't truly understand)

To communicate with Lola, you may contact her parents via email.
As parents, we should teach that in life, one should celebrate the things that set them apart from the rest, it's what makes you unique in the world.

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