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Lilyanna - Dracut, Massachusetts

Our daughter Lilyanna Marie Lanteri was born February 10th 2007 at Lowell General Hospital. She was without a left hand we don’t really know why this happened we found out about her hand when I was 18 weeks pregnant I think that it was the hardest thing that my boyfriend and I ever went through I think that It was hard also because we both were only 18 years old so the stress of knowing what we had found out and also being young parents mad it even harder. It was really hard to know that something was wrong with your unborn child and there was nothing you could do about it! I think I cried for a week straight when I had found out but once it came closer to my due date I cared less and less! Everyone in our family did not care she was perfect the way she was!
When she was born I never hide it by cloths or in pictures or hide it from the public! Lilyanna is the way she is for a reason and she is the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen and she is so independent she knows what she wants and when she wants it! She only 7 months and she is crawling and trying to talk she loves to play with other babies and she is grabbing everything! Most of the time we don’t even notice she doesn’t have a left hand.

I don’t know what her future holds for her when it comes to a prosthesis hand or surgery we go to Boston Children’s Hospital for her and she is still to young to have anything done for her but when the time comes its up to Lilyanna what she wants to be done and what she doesn’t want to be done! I know that she will never let anything get in her way of what she wants to do! I We even have a specialist come to the house once a month and she is always saying how advance she is and how good she uses it! I wish I could protect her from the bullies in school when she is older but that’s something to deal with in the future!

To communicate with Lilyanna, send an email to her parents.

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