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Lee Brunngraber, Rocket Girl Arts - Portland, Oregon

Lee is the owner of Rocket Girl Arts and is very successful as a creative stained glass craftsperson. You can see lee's wonderful stained glass art at the Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon, every weekend from April to Christmas. I spoke with her at the booth and she confided that she had been initially embarrassed about her hand: "I actually tried to hide it since I was in first grade, but now I think not being afraid to let others see my hand has actually helped others." Lee said that occasionally other people would notice her and be very happy about "finding" her: Haley was no exception. You may contact her at her booth at the Saturday Market or learn more about her at Saturday Market

Lee displays here beautiful stained-glass artwork at Portland's famous Saturday Market

While shopping at the Saturday Market, we ran into Lee at her booth. Well, needless to say we were all quite excited. You can contact Lee via email

I have just opened an ebay store! If you think you may have an interest in my new work. I'd love your feedback as to how I can improve the store.

Haley spotted Lee and was so excited, she pulled her mother right over to Lee's booth.

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