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Landon, Concord, North Carolina

My pregnancy with Landon was uneventful in the beginning. At 20 weeks we found out Landon was not alone, along with him was his twin sister Kaitlyn. Because I was having twins, I had several ultrasounds (although Landon’s limb differences were not detected). Then in June, at 38 weeks I went in for my scheduled C-section and at that time found out that Kaitlyn went on to heaven. As Landon was being born I heard silence from the doctors and nurses and then my doctor explained that Landon had some issues with his arms. She wrapped him up, showed him to us and then rushed him in to the NICU. I remember thinking this can’t be right, this isn’t suppose to happen.

When the doctor returned she explained to us that he was missing his left arm below the elbow and his right hand had a thumb. She said she thought it was caused by ABS. The rest of the day was a blurr. We had specialists visiting with us and friends coming to comfort us.

I remember in the first couple of months that I wanted Landon to be “fixed”. We saw specialists in Philadelphia, North Carolina and South Carolina and everyone would say that he would be fine and there was nothing they could do. At the time, I don’t know if I believed them, but as Landon grew he proved to me that they were right. I remember watching him crawl and the first time he pulled himself up and I thought, he isn’t going to let anything stop him. And he hasn’t.

Landon is three years old now and amazing. He is the most loving and happy child. He loves to run around with his big brother Ryan and tackle him. Landon also loves to ride his bike, throw the football around and playing with the neighborhood kids.

To communicate with Landon, send an email to his parents.

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