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Laken, Traverse City, Michigan

Our daughter, Laken was born with symbrachydactyly of her left hand and foot. She had four webbed toes and her index and middle fingers were webbed also. These two fingers and her thumb are each missing a bone, which makes them little. Laken is five years old now and has had two surgeries, one at 11 months and one at 21/2 years old.

We have a wonderful hand surgeon here in Traverse City, Michigan who has opened the web spaces so that Laken has nearly full function of her left hand! She will have more surgeries in the future to improve function and possibly esthetics.

Not until just recently did the appearance of Laken's hand bother her. Which led us to this fantastic website! We have read everyone's stories (some twice), and we have been inspired and impressed by them all. Laken no longer feels alone and different, but special and beautiful knowing there are so many friends like her doing so many great things!

Laken has an older brother and younger sister and loves going to preschool and dance class. Since reading about other SuperHands Kids, Laken has become more confident and interested in her hand anomaly and welcomes any challenge when it comes to using her little fingers. She is especially proud to be able to explain why her fingers are little when anyone asks (pronouncing symbrachydactyly will take some time though!).

To communicate with Laken, you may contact her mother via email.

If you want to be a SuperHands Kid or Hero, or know any inspiring stories that would be a benefit to this site's viewers, please send me an email. Thank You!

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