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Kennith - BelleVernon,Pennsylvania

Kennith is are second child. He has an older sister, Alice, who is 15 and a younger brother, Eden, who is six.

We didn't know Kennith would be born with missing fingers because I had high risk ultrasound done and nothing was ever said to me that anything was abnormal. In October, 1999 when he finally decided to come into this world, the doctor asked us if this condition ran in the family? I was scared and looked at my husband and my mom, and asked, "does what run in the family?"

Finally the doctor gave me my baby and I didn't see anything wrong with him at all. We know his condition is just something we are all going to have to deal with, but we know that our love for him will see us through.

Kennith is nine years old now and is a member of the school football team. He loves to play his playstation2, Wii, and DS. He loves watching WWE and listening to music. Kennith is also doing great in school achieving a A/B average!

To communicate with Kennith, you may contact his parents via email.

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