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Katherin, Miami, Florida

Katherine was born on June 14 in the Dominican Republic. After a very difficult pregnancy, she was only 30 weeks when she was born, and when we discovered she had Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS). For us, it was a shock, because we didn't notice anything in the sonogram.

The Dominican Republic is a big island and we used to go to the beach every other weekend.

Katherin's favorite character is always the fairy godmother
My health was very delicate throughout the pregnancy and nobody told me about Katherin's condition. From the beginning we were really confused, especially not knowing what cause of the condition was. We were also very worried about the things we thought she wasn't going to be able to do. But, thank God, she's very strong and innovative, and is able to figure out how to do everything!

Katherin's spirit is very positive and motivated. She is an inspiration and motivational to everybody that knows her, especially to us her parents. She likes skating, dancing and especially playing with her older sister Emely.

To communicate with Katherin, you may contact her parents, Annie and Raymond, via email

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