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Julian, Turnersville, New Jersey

Our son, Julian was born on May 4th, 2007 with his right hand underdeveloped. When I was 18 weeks pregnant I went for my first ultrasound, I was so excited. Everything went great, we found out we were going to have a little boy. A few seconds after that the nurse said the doctor was going to come in and recheck things. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but when the doctor came in he put on the 3D ultrasound and kept going to Julian's right hand. When he was finished he brought us in his consultation room and sat us down. "We'll everything looks good, but." When I heard that my heart dropped. He told us that my little boys hand did not fully form.

I was devastated. A million things raced through my mind, was this my fault, how did this happen, is anything else wrong, and why me? The doctor said it was still early enough to end the pregnancy. I couldn't believe he said that to me. That's my baby he's still perfect in my eyes. He may not have "ten fingers" , but that doesn't mean anything. It shocked me and I could not even believe he said that to me. When I got to my house everyone kept on calling me asking me boy or girl? I didn't want explain anything because I felt like I would have to tell them EVERYTHING. It was hard the first week to understand that my baby was going to be born with a "special hand". But it got easier as time went on.

My doctors were great! Every week I went to get a ultrasound to make sure baby Julian was doing okay. I did not rest because I thought he was going to have something else wrong with him. The doctors just wanted to take extra precaution because sometimes when a baby has a birth defect others come along with it . I had a rough time but in the end I couldn't be happier. Of course when he was born and I first saw him I couldn't look past his beautiful face but after I saw his little hand I went into shock for a bit. When people came to visit me I would hide his hand . I didn't want people to talk and stare. When I got home from the hospital that soon faded away.

Julian is now 3 months old and went for his first consultation at C.H.O.P. on August 7th 2007. The doctor said there was nothing they could really do surgically because he is missing the whole center of his hand. They said that prosthetics is probably a good option in Julian's case. He goes back in 6 months for an x-ray to see what bones are there and If they grew any. I love my son with all of my heart and he the most perfect beautiful little man in the world.

Julian is my True heaven sent Angel, he is my world. Please contact me to talk about anything anytime, it always feels good to talk with someone who knows how you are feeling.

Update: August 2008

My little man is now 14 months old. A couple months ago Julian was seen at Dupont Hospital for some X-rays.They were so nice and patient with him. They took there time talking with us about everything. They want to wait until he's a little older to decide to do anything to his hand. He's not having any problems doing anything he finds ways to hold things with both of his hands. They told us to come back for a follow up 6 months from now.

Julian is doing more than fine with his develope mental skills. He's doing everything he should be doing and more for his age. He runs all around the house . He continues to amaze me everyday. Everything I thought he would have trouble doing hes already accomplished. His "little hand" does not stop him at all. He walks ,runs,and climbs all around. He's just as normal as any other little boy. I love him more and more each day and no matter what he is always going to be my Perfect baby Boy!

To communicate with Julian, you may contact his parents via email. They'd love to hear from you.

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