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Julia - Newcastle, Australia
Ready for the beach on my first holiday.
Playing at home
Our daughter Julia is nearly 11 months old and was born with 3 missing fingers on her left hand.

We didnt know this until she was born. Although we were shocked at first, it now dosn't seem so bad as this site and others that we have found have really made us feel that we are not alone. It has also made us realise that Julia will suprise us in everything that she will accomplish.

We also believe that Julia was given to us for a reason, and in the long run she will make us better people and she will teach us many lessons.

We only hope that Julia dosn't get such a hard time when she starts interacting with other children.

Right now though, that is far from our minds as we hardly even notice. Julia does EVERYTHING that other kids her age can do.

To communicate with Julia send an email to her mother, Jeena.

Just had a bath and I'm ready for bed!

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