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Josiah - El Paso, Texas

Josiah was born in May, 2005- two days after his due date. He had a wonderful delivery- 7 1/2 hours of labor, healthy weight 7lb 1oz, and 20inches long. Dory and Molly were so thankful for a healthy, beautiful baby boy. Mary, Molly's mother also helped support Molly during the delivery and soon after his birth many wonderful family members and friends came to visit.

Josiah was born with a severe form of right hand symbrachydactyly or failure of formation of his right hand with only small vestigials of his fingers remaining. He does have an almost normal thumb on his right hand however and uses it quite well to pick things up, hold things, and maneuver objects. Dory and Molly found out there may have been something wrong with his hand during their second ultrasound at 5 months and went for another high tech ultrasound where they saw that he was missing fingers on his right hand.

The first thing Dory and Molly started to do was think of all the instruments he could still play and which sports he could participate in :) The only thing we became more sensitive to was the "ten toes ten fingers" saying and dreading the kids teasing him later in life.

Josiah is now 2 1/2 years old. He is a smart, active, musical, loving child. He is almost potty trained but doesn't like public restrooms :)

His favorite things are: playing musical instruments, kicking the ball, riding his tricycle, watching movies, reading books, playing with cars, bossing his sister around, kissing his baby sister, and chasing his brothers.

Josiah is blessed with four siblings with him being the middle one! He has two older brothers, Austin and Caleb and two younger sisters, Naomi and Jael. He lives in El Paso, TX with his parents, Dory and Molly and his siblings. He loves to go to church and the zoo, and have friends and family visit.

Dory and Molly heard of a surgery where they transfer a toe to a missing finger and saw a program on tv about it and shortly after that in August 2005 at a good friend's wedding, sat next to a gentleman who had the surgery previously and talked to him about it.

In March 2006 they got a referral to an orthopedic doctor at Gillette Children's specialty care who said she could team up with a plastic surgeon and perform the surgery and also gave us a name of a doctor out of the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN who had done the surgery many times already. Molly got in touch with him by e-mail and he suggested trying to see him at the Shriner's hospital in Minneapolis, MN where he visits once a month and where Molly was living with the kids at the time.

Thankfully there was an opening when Dory was in town two months before they moved to TX. Dr. Stephen Moran suggested having the surgery when Josiah was 3 or 4 and he wanted to have the surgery at the Mayo clinic because of their 24 hr intensive care unit where his new finger/toe would be monitored constantly.

We think that Josiah would benefit greatly from another finger to oppose his thumb. It will allow him to have pincer grasp and help keep his thumb strong. With his strong interest in music, it could help him play more instruments or his instrument of choice which right now is the violin.

To communicate with Joshua send an email to his parents.

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