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Joseph, Akron, Ohio

Joseph was born in February 2000. When he was born, we noticed that his right hand was much smaller than his left, and that his fingers on that hand were webbed together. The doctors in the hospital did not have a reason for this but referred us to a hand surgeon. The hand surgeon knew right away that Joseph had Poland Syndrome. This affects his right hand, arm and pectoral muscle. After two surgeries to separate his fingers, (one at 1 year and one at 3 years), Joseph has complete use of his right hand.

Joseph is now 9 years old and enjoys all of the sports that other boys his age enjoy. We play baseball in the back yard, shoot hoops, and play Frisbee. He and his brother John Wesley enjoy golf the most.

Joseph is very happy to see that other boys and girls share his experience of having Super Hands.

To communicate with Joseph, you may contact his parents via email.

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