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Joseph Nicholas, Runnemede, New Jersey

Joseph Nicholas was our surprise sixth child. We found out at an ultrasound (17wks) that he was missing his arm. Exactly like that is how the tech put it. We where heartbroken. They gave us no answers.

I went through the rest of my pregnancy in and out of the fetal specialist crying my eyes out. Every time I went I was told something else was wrong. Then finally we where told that he was effected by amniotic band syndrome. I went on the internet and found and read everything I could. I was so worried and upset my doctor put me on medicine.

Joseph was born on March 8th 2007. A healthy beautiful boy who was only missing from his left elbow below. Nothing else was different from any other newborn.

Joseph is now just about 4 months old. He is wonderful. We have taken him to Shriners hospital where we where told that his arm was from a vasicer incident. That it just happens.

Although nobody knows for sure. Still I blame myself. That is the hardest thing that I have had to deal with me. I am the one who is struggling to find my inner strength. I have found a wonderful support group and many other parents of children who where born just the same.

As of now Joseph has an occupational therapist come out once a week. Only to show me ways to help him with his balance. We will go back to Shriners in a few months to get him fitted for a helper arm. He just rolled over last week. He is the happiest baby I‘ve ever seen. There is a glimmer in his eyes that makes everything okay.

I would love to talk or e-mail with other parents: even host a gathering. I feel these things are a great opportunity for the children to feel not so alone in the world.

To communicate with Joseph Nicholas, you may contact his parents, Nicole and Joseph, via email.

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