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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jordan was born in February of 2002. He was born at 33 weeks and had a pretty rough start. His little hand was unexpected, although in hindsight looking at prenatal ultrasound pictures, you can see it. The ultrasound technician, however, wrote that he was making a fist. The doctors were unsure about what caused his hand to be little and made a lot of "worst case scenario" diagnoses, and a lot of guesses. We were told he might be very severely mentally disabled and given a lot of unknowns. We were absolutely terrified and immediately decided that we were prepared to do whatever we had to to for our little boy.

It wasn't until he was seven months old that we got an official diagnosis of Poland Syndrome by his hand surgeon. At that time we discovered that he was also missing his pectoralis major muscle and the pectoralis minor was hypoplastic. The full battery of tests, ultrasounds, xrays and MRIs etc began. He had his first hand surgery at 14 months old at The Shriners Hospital in Utah. His hand Doctor wants him to have another, but he currently is undergoing growth hormone therapy with daily injections and struggles with asthma, so it's our last priority at this point in time.

He has proven to be above and beyond what we ever expected. He started talking at seven months of age, reading at three, and now, at seven he has been tested as reading at an 8th grade level. Guess he showed them!!

He tries very hard to always maintain a positive attitude and is very proud of his "Nemo hand." That movie couldn't have come out at a better time. He is very active and enjoys karate, rock and roll and wants to learn to play the guitar, and hopes to learn to snowboard this winter with his big brother.

To communicate with Jordan, you may contact his parents via email.

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