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Jacob - Muskegon Michigan

Jake at age three, first year of PPI (pre-primary impairment) Jacob, or "Jake" lost his arm at three days old, due to an unfortunate cord wrap that totally cut off the circulation to his lower arm and hand. He got his first arm at age four months. It didn't move, but was for weight and midline adjustment.

This was a very important day. The first day he wore his prosthesis to school, and home again! prior to this day, he would wear it to and at school, but would take it off for the bus ride home. This day, he CHOSE to wear it home! We were all so proud of him! Since then, he has chosen to wear it to and from school everyday, although on weekends, if he isn't going anywhere, he will go without it.
Spring of 2001 Jake, age five, at the DK School

This is Jake the summer of 2006 in his Snazzy Dance Costume he was nine He was only in Jazz that year.
They did a beautiful display of all the different pointe moves to 'Ordinary People'.
Jake started Dance at age four, after seeing his cousin Katelyn's recital. He was watching in rapt attention, and turned to me with shining eyes and said, "Mom, I want to do THAT!" And l ,since soccer turned out to be a bust for him, (even though everyone kept and keep saying that's what he should play)- he was a worm watcher and frankly, I am NOT a soccer mom, I hate that the games are on Saturdays and basically suck up that whole day, -signed him up for what was called kinderbop and he turned out to be a natural! He is so good I cry when I see him! We deflect the naysayers by replying, " If there weren't boy dancers, all the girl dancers would land on their butts!"

We watch all the old classics... Jake's favorite is the Donald O'Conner "Make'EM Laugh" routine in Dancing In The Rain" He has liked that since about age three. We also really love "Cats".

Last year he auditioned for, and got a place on his Dance Acadamy's Team Mini, which is 8-10 yrs old. They learned three routines, one jazz, one tap, and one ballet. They competed all over western Michigan, including Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. They won a bronze first place there, and number six out of the top ten for choreography. I will get those pictures posted as soon as I can get them scanned.

This year he is in fifth grade, and because being on Team whipped his butt last year, with fourth grade homework,he is only taking one class, jazz. which he is amazingly good at. He says it's a good way to blow off steam.He is an excellent student, very charming and charismatic. Whew! He usually has his teacher's wrapped around his pinkie by day three.The girls flock around him, but since most of his dance class members are girls, he only sees friends. He got fitted for a hand TD, cord operated and VO, this year for the first time. It's the first step for a myo-electric. He rarely wears his prosthesis in summer and rides his bike, and dances without it. So, we will see. He does really great with or without the prosth.

In the end, it will be his choice whether or not he wants to wear one.

To communicate with Jacob or his mother, Katie, send an email.

The song for this routine was called 'Good Vibrations' not our good old Beach Boys version, but a new, hip version.
They tapped the night away to Rascal Flatt's 'Life is a Highway' from the movie CARS.Beautiful!

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