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Izaiah (Ieth) Seth, The Philippines

First of all I am Iveen Eunice Uy-Ubierna, a 26-year-old mom of two little adorable kids. My daughter, Iceia Angela, is now three years old and my son Izaiah Seth (we call him Ieth) is now one year and eight months old who has the Holt-oram syndrome. I wrote this letter with a lot of support from my family and inspiration from my son Ieth.

After me and my husband got married I conceived my daughter and everyone in the family was so happy when they saw my bouncing baby girl. Many months had passed by since the birth of my daughter when I realized I was pregnant with Ieth. We didn't plan it of course because our eldest was to young. But God gave us this blessing so we waited nine long months for the second time and in October, 2008 I conceived a baby boy with 4 fingers at the right hand and 3 fingers at left hand and also the left arm is shorter than the right arm. I was so shocked because a few months earlier the doctors did not see it in the ultrasound, so the question is why? Why does my son possess those hands?

I was crying when I gave the news to my husband as he will only see our son tomorrow. Because our son is in the nursery taken care of by the doctors and nurses. He has dextrose and suction to feed. He is so weak and not healthy. The doctors reveal that my son has Holt-oram syndrome which is inherited from me. I also have those hands but mine is 5 fingers in the left and right. In these pictures you will see mine and the differences between me and my son Ieth. I also have long arms not like Ieth which is shorter. He also has the congenital heart disease. I feel like my world has gone down from nowhere. When I first visited him two days after giving birth at the nursery,I was so sad and tears dropped from my eyes. I asked so many questions why God would give him those arms and fingers. I felt so sorry for my son, how he could face the world outside in this situation. I would rather have his arms and fingers I said.

Now that he is already walking he also cannot balance well. He always slips and has bruises because he cannot balance his body with his hands. He also responds ,later than other kids at his age. He cannot speak as many words as his sister did at her age. I know God has given as Ieth for a purpose that He only knows. I am not Questioning HIM. I just want Him to help us to bring up our son with a love of God and others without expecting anything. We love him so much and that is why we are doing everything for him.

I also want to thank those who read my letter and understand us. I will always update you to what is the latest information about my son.

To communicate with Izaiah, you may contact his parents via email.
Update 2011

Now a new year has come our way, new beginnings, new start, new adjustments. For my son Izaiah Seth who is now 3 years and months old has many things that discovered for himself. He became more adjusted to his situation. He can eat with spoon all by himself. Can also hold a pen just to write circles and as a mom I was hoping to know that he can write words someday. God has given him strength to adjust for whatever situation he has.

When his older sister ice go to school I always bring him with me. He is sitting inside the room to listen to the teacher of her sister, now he can count 1 to 11 and can recite the alphabet. He is a very friendly boy; our neighbors love him because he is so sweet to other people. Once my in laws bring them to shopping malls you would find ieth chatting with saleslady and salesmen. When eating in a fast food you would find other people staring at my son so amazed that he can eat all by himself.

What do other people see is as much as we see as his own family and be more thankful and amazed. God has given us a very smart,amazing,loving and sweet little boy by our side. He is a blessing from God. Maybe we are still discovering little by little as time goes by,as years goes by what is God's purpose of giving ieth to us. But we are thankful for ieth show us how to love one another and be more strong as a couple. Face any difficulties in life whatever our situation.

For 3 years now we have an angel by our side teaching us to have faith,strength and thank God every step of our way. May God gives us all more blessings in life. We should also remember whatever difficulties our God, family and friends are always here for us. I wish ieth to be more strong and brave as he was as the years passed our way.

We love you ieth from papa randy, mama iveen and achie ice also happy new year to all.

To communicate with Izaiah, you may contact his parents via email.

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