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Haley - Cedar Mill, Oregon

Haley (on the right) with her friend Agnes Haley was born in 1995 in Hillsboro, Oregon. Haley is very creative and loves to "make things"...lots of things... out of paper. She wants to be an interior decorator when she grows up and I can see that happen. She loves design and you should she her room! She also loves to write, draw and do other crafts.
In kindergarten, Haley tried all year long to master the bars at school, but just couldn't "swing it." However, never a quitter, she was successful in first grade. She was very proud to successfully swing all the way across the rings at school, and when she did accomplish this task, all the kids in line clapped and cheered.

Haley was so proud on that big day.

Haley with her new braces and her best friend Agnes on the first day of school.
Now in seventh grade (how time flies!), Haley has had braces for about a year and excited about starting her second year in middle school.Haley goes jogging with her friend Agnes every once in a while and enjoys being active. Take a look at one of Haley's short stories: Believe. Hurray! Click here to learn what we did so Haley is able to play the guitar.

Haley recently inspired everyone when she (summer '07) climbed a rock wall for the first time during a Relay for Life event in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Haley is in 7th grade now and it's a blessing to our entire family watching her grow and succeed in everything she's interested in.

To communicate with Haley, you may contact her mother via email.

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