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Evan - Vancouver, Washington

Sharing time with his bother, Mitch, and close friend, Hannah.

Evan doing some creative writing!

Between the raindrops Evan likes to ride his bike and go for a hike. But when the rain does keep him inside he likes to draw and write stories on his computer. Evan wants to be an architect and inventor when he grows up. He loves to design and create houses using his computer.

When Evan was born in 1996 his father and I had no idea that Evan (our long awaited first child) would have a "small hand". It was apparent from the first few moments after his birth that he was the same as other babies-wonderful! We kept waiting for the time that his small hand would mean he was limited or maybe couldn't do a sport or physical activity. I can honestly say that has never happened. He has played team sports (basketball and soccer). Creative, happy, and easy going, Evan figures out how to do the things he is interested in doing.

"Hillside Valley" by Evan

Takes both hands to play video games.

Evan's 1-2 Punch Recipe
3 parts Sprite (Lemon Lime soda)
1 part apple juice inadiciquet
Juice of a fresh lemon to taste
This is a family recipe that Evan likes to drink on a hot day!

If you would like to correspond with Evan, send an email to his parents .

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