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Ethan - Klerksdorp, South Africa

Ethan was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa in June of 2007. I was 30 Weeks pregnant when I went for my 3D Scan. My husband and me were very excited about the scan. I will never forget the feeling, when the doctor told us that our son's one hand is not fully developed. I could not hold the tears I've tried but the feelings of blame have overwhelmed me. Immediately I though that I have done something wrong. They told us that they could not tell us exactly how the hand is formed but we have to be sure that there are an abnormality. Only after his birth we will be able to know which hand it was and how it will look. I had a very difficult time after finding out about the abnormality I could not sleep well as I was wondering what else could be wrong. Your thoughts let you think all kinds of things. The doctors could not tell me anything else they only told me to wait till my son's birth. I did not have a medical aid so to do tests had been not something I could afford at this stage.

By 37 Weeks I went in, I had brongitis and could not keep on waiting any longer. Our son, Ethan Adrian was born in June 2007 and he was beautiful, small & perfect. I almost did not see the abnormality as his beautiful face made up for it. He was born with only a thumb on his right hand. His left hand was perfect.
At first he could not breath on his own, they had to put him on oxygen. I were devastated I could not go to him I were so scared that there maybe a change that we may loose him and I have stayed away, my husband beg me to go and see him but I could not. That night about midnight I waked up and decided to go and see my child. I went in they've helped me to touch him threw the class box he were lying in, while I touch him the tears were running down my face, he were so beautiful I were praying and thank God for such a perfect son. I went to my room and later about three o'clock I went back to were my son was lying, they shared with me that they have put the oxygen down with 50% just after I have left earlier. I was so happy to hear the grate news I went to my son and have touched him again and prayed again to God. About six o'clock they have informed me that they have turned off the oxygen and he has breath by himself. Two days later we went home with our son.

Ethan grew up like any other baby. When he started holding his own bottle he done it by the way he felt were comfortable for him. He started crawling like any other baby. If people see him in town they first see his beautiful face. He has two sisters 9 and 10 years old they love him to bits. He can be just as naughty as any other boy, he like to challenge his sisters. He is very active, he will clime on any thing he see and everything is a game to him.

We took him to a doctor to find out what the possibilities are for his hand. They done all kind of tests on him to see if there maybe anything else that could have not formed completely, but everything else were perfect. They told us that we can come back if he is about three, but after seeing him help himself perfectly with everything he does, we decided not to do anything about his hand. One-day maybe if he is older and feel he want us to do something we will look into it.

Ethan is a blessing to our family, and we will not wish to have him any other way. He is all we have ever wished for in a son.

You may contact Ethan's parents via email.

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