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Eric - Dover, New Hampshire

Eric was born on July 14, 2005. What a joy and surprise came to our family when we learned we were expecting again. We have been blessed with 3 other children, Andrew age 12, Matthew age 10 and Madelyn age 5, and at age 41, I was not expecting another bundle of joy.

On my routine 20 week ultrasound, I will never forget the technician’s face, when she told me there was no development below the baby’s right wrist. My doctor came in and after reviewing the ultrasound, confirmed what the technician had seen. Now, came the barrage of testing, to determine if there were other abnormalities. With this came feelings of devastation, many tears and sleepless nights. I was sent to a major medical center in Boston and underwent numerous tests in genetic counseling, fetal cardiology, pediatric orthopedic surgery etc., all which failed to demonstrate any further abnormalities. However, the doctors told me we would have to wait until the baby was born to confirm that the right hand was an isolated abnormality.

When Eric finally arrived by scheduled c-section on July 14th, we were in awe. He was a beautiful, healthy, adorable baby, with a small right palm and some rudimentary digits for fingers. All of our fears were gone, when I saw how perfect he was. He amazed us from the moment he was born, as he moved his right hand and wrist with such vigor.

All of those months of worrying were gone and we realized that we could overcome this with love. Eric has taught my whole family so much, especially the older kids. Everyone that meets him instantly forgets that he was born with a small right hand. He is 8 months old now, and crawling, pulling up, and holding everything he can get both hands on. He is always on the go and is very social.

Eric is a constant reminder that life is full of surprises and challenges. It is how we meet these challenges that determine the direction of our lives. I am sure Eric will face many questions and even teasing as he gets older. It is my family’s job to make sure he is confident and ready to take on the world. I will never forget the orthopedic surgeons words to us when he saw Eric:

"Do not treat this baby any differently than you would your other children, he will amaze you daily and will be able to do anything that he puts his mind to."

These are surely words to live by.

To communicate with Eric send an email to her parents, Kent and Anne-Marie.

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