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Eric - Long Island, New York

Eric is your typical active SuperHands Kid!

Eric was born in September of 2001 in Long Island, NY. He couldn't wait to get into this world so he was born at just 1.5 pounds. We did know about his little hand before he was born but did not know exactly what to expect. It quickly became a secondary issue due to his extreme prematurity.

Eric is a happy little boy!
Now he is 17 months old and is doing great. He is an inspiration to our entire family. He is very curious and investigates everything he can.

He also receives excellent services through early intervention.

During the summer of 2003, Jeff, Alisa, and Eric were able to visit with Haley Thompson at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon. What a great visit that was and it's always an inspiration to see SuperHands Kids having such a good time. Haley and Eric immediately took to each other! Steve Geigle

Alisa is President of Unlimbited Possibilities, a support group for families in the Long Island area. Groups just seem to be popping up all over! Isn't that great!

To communicate with Eric's parents, send an email.

If you want to be a SuperHands Kid or Hero, or know any inspiring stories that would be a benefit to this site's viewers, please send me an email. Thank You!

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