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Emma - Livermore, California

Emma recently turned 3 and is a beautiful, intelligent, happy and REALLY strong-willed child :) She loves doing - no, INSISTS on doing - EVERYTHING herself. Sometimes it is taxing but on the whole it is utterly remarkable and wonderful to witness because we know that she will be just fine in this life. Her lack of a right hand hasn't held her back any. She is forcing herself to figure things out and to know (albeit sometimes reluctantly) that it's ok to ask for help.

She is at that age to notice and ask about her arm. Our answer is based on faith: "That's how Jesus made you." Sometimes we qualify that with a "There's nothing you can't do, honey." She seems perfectly fine with this and will often come up to us in the midst of personal reflection and say, "My have one arm and one hand cuz that's how Jesus made me and Fia [her sister, Sophia] has two hands cuz that's how Jesus made HER!"

And speaking of sisters, our two girls adore one another and as yet another testament to her normalcy, Emma is (at least for the moment) the ranking officer.

What Emma has done for us, as we're sure your special children have done for you, is opened our hearts and minds to a world of endless love, countless possibilities and boundless human spirit and determination. We can't say enough for the other angel-heroes on this site and not on this site.

The sheer miracle of Emma's birth inspired her dad to write the following poem. She continues to inspire and love beyond measure. May your angel continue to guide and inspire.

The angel Emma, falling to earth, cried out to the Lord:
“Heavenly Father, my wing - my wing is clipped!
How will I make my way?”

Blessed One…
into you I have breathed
the Spirit of the wind,
a voice to summon song birds in a chorus of wings,
love that is my Light in land under darkness.

God cupped His universe, admiring.

A mother stroked her nursing child.
Dark lifted. A thousand thousand song birds amassed
in unison beneath God's angel,
fanning arcs of air on which she drifted.

But the angel Emma was still afraid.
“Father, what will they make of me?
With half a wing am I not but half an angel?”

My child,
in the timeless bounty of all Creation
I conceived of you.
Unique in My image, of love immeasurable
between your mother and father.

Fly to them now, with your wings still unfurling.
Let the infinite mystery of My purpose unfold
with your every Heavenly act of grace.

All the best, The Brumm Family, Livermore, CA (Emma, Sophia, Lynn and Pete)

To communicate with Emma send an email to her parents.

If you want to be a SuperHands Kid or Hero, or know any inspiring stories that would be a benefit to this site's viewers, please send me an email. Thank You!

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