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Dominic, Amanzimtoti, South Africa

Hello my name is Michele. My grandson Dominic was born with severe radial club of the left hand (the radius is completely absent and he is missing his thumb) and mild radial club of the right hand where he is missing a cm (or so) of the radius just before the wrist but has all his fingers. He also has a slight curvature of the spine which we are monitoring and his left ear is also a little smaller. He was born with a hole in his heart which is now closed and he has been given a clean bill of health from the heart specialist.

Dominic has AMAZING hearing and perfect eyesight.

Dominic was born in February 2006 at Kingsway Hospital Amanzimtoti South Africa. His mom was in matric when she fell pregnant and due to medical and other complications we decided it was best that I should adopt him. Ashley was 6 and a half months pregnant when they discovered that there was something "wrong". We were sent to St Augustine's hospital for further tests.

The diagnosis was that he was severely brain damaged and disabled and we were advised to terminate the pregnancy. This was booked for the following day. We were totally devastated!.

By morning we had decided that no matter what, this baby was a gift and we were going to accept him as he was. We loved him from the time we knew he existed.

What a lot we would have lost out on if he hadn't entered our lives. He has brought us unbelievable joy with his sweet but absolutely determined personality. He insists on doing things himself and undertakes finicky tasks like opening a cheese wedge, where his friend will ask me to open it. He will do things over and over till he gets it the way he wants it.

Dominic is now 3 years old and has been going to Scottburgh Pre Primary since he was 18 months old. He absolutely loves his school and friends. We don't treat him differently, Dom can and does all the things that the other kids do. He does monkeynastix, swings from the jungle gym (using both hands), he loves to play soccer, draw, ride his bike etc. Loves, loves, loves Ben 10, Spiderman, Superman and Batman.

Dominic is an AMAZING child and a blessing to everyone he meets. He touches peoples lives daily which we seem to take for granted but is actually quite remarkable. Everywhere we go people who are strangers to us will greet him by name. He is Mr. Friendly!

His bright , happy and above average intelligence just radiates out to all around him. Such a sociable little chap and most definitely a born entertainer. We saw it from a very early age. When he was a year old, one morning, he said to me " Bee Bay Born", I didn't understand him and he kept on repeating it and showed me a DVD. Ahh, silly Granny! Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's what he wants to watch. He loves Stevie Ray and would watch absolutely intently the Entire hour or so long live recording from a year old. We have pics of him glued to the box.
Being a family of musicians this was not out of the ordinary to us but as he grew it was and still is amazing to watch how his repertoire grew. He watches Elvis avidly and imitates the mouth and leg movements rather well. He loves ACDC, Eric Clapton, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers but his favorites are Stevie Ray & Angus Young.

He is well known at the local flea market that we visit ritually every Saturday morning. He takes his guitar and "plays for the people", people often give him money when he plays and we have a special saving box for that money. People will ask him,"who are you" and he would say either Stevie Ray or Jimi Hendrix. If you ask him to play Jimi Hendrix he puts the guitar behind his back, it is amazing to watch. He loves the flea market because he can run like on a big stage and have an audience. He imitates Angus Young to a tee!

He loves a stage and stands on the coffee table at home, with a microphone & proper mic stand, jamming away on his guitars. He has a real mini electric now and the photos I am sending were taken on the day he got it. See the absolute joy on his face. I had set aside a black one for him but when he saw it he was adamant the red one was his!

We have had much deliberation regarding surgery but have decided to leave it as is for now. He has always defied what the doctors said! He is using his hand so well. At our last visit to the orthopedic surgeon they discovered that his arm was now perfectly straight between the elbow and the wrist. I guess the guitar playing is wonderful therapy. I thought he would opt to play left handed but no way. He plays right handed.

He seems to have the gift of music and all I can say is that someone out there knew much more than we did!

To communicate with Dominic, you may contact his parents via email.

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