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Dalaynie - Prescott, Arkansas

Dalaynie was born on June 19, 2000. We had no idea until she was born that there was anything"different" about her. She was born missing everything below her wrist on the right arm. Also her right arm is shorter than the left but other than that she is perfectly healthy. We are from a small town and were told when she was born that she wouldn't be able to do a lot of things. For instance they said she would never hold a bottle, pull up, crawl and so on. Well lets just say she showed them all because she did everything right on schedule if not sooner. Dalaynie was our fourth child out of six and we have always treated her just like the others. To us she is no different than they are. She is perfect.

Dalaynie is now a very happy six year old that loves life although she is a little on the shy side. She is in the first grade and loves going to school, reading, cheering, dancing, fishing,riding her bike, playing with her siblings and her friends, and most of all she loves to play softball.

Dalaynie is our little angel and is so amazing. She surprises everyone especially her teachers. They are always telling us that when they try to help her with something she is very quick to tell them she doesn't need any help. She is very proud when she learns something new. Last year when she started kindergarten she couldn't tie her shoe. She came home the first day and was so upset that her teacher had to tie her shoe that she sat down and didn't move till she figured it out. The next day she couldn't wait to get to school so she could show her teacher what she learned. She impressed the whole school. She doesn't let anything get in her way. When she said she wanted to play softball of course we told her to go for it. At her first game a woman in our town asked me how in the world she was going to hit the ball...I just told her to sit down and watch because when Dalaynie wants to do something she goes for it and succeeds. She is now trying to master a cartwheel. I'm sure it wont be long.

We decided when she was born that we would let her make up her mind when she was older whether or not she wanted a prosthesis and she has always said no. She is happy to tell everyone that she likes how God made her and that she doesn't want anything to be different.

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