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Claire - Dallas, Texas
Claire was born without a right hand and her right arm is shorter than her. Claire started at a Montessori school when she was nineteen months old. She has always been outgoing and interested in other people. Claire has been taking piano lessons for two years and enjoys playing both piano and keyboard. Her piano teacher has taught her from materials for a left handed pianist but there are some notes which she plays with her right hand as well.

Claire enjoys gymnastics which she has now participated in for over two years. Additionally, this is her second season to be on a girls' basketball league through the local YMCA. Claire is able to catch a basketball using both her left hand and right as well as any of the other girls on the team.
Claire's favorite extracurricular activity is acting and singing. We enrolled Claire in an acting class when she was four and she enjoyed the experience and later took other classes with local children's theater and acting groups. When Claire was seven years old, we agreed to let a local film company use the exterior of our home to film a commercial. I took Claire to observe the actors, cameras, directors and crew while the commercial was being made. She talked with the actress in the commercial who later told me she was going to tell her agent about Claire and thought that her agent would like to represent Claire. After speaking with the agent, approximately two weeks later we were told that there would be auditions for the tv show Barney (which is made here in Dallas).

When I took Claire to the first audition, I did not know there were a total of 1,400 kids trying out for the parts in the next year's cast! Claire was invited for a second call back and then a third call back. We finally learned that she had been selected to be one of the four alternate actors in addition to the basic cast of eight boys and girls. She eventually appeared in two Barney episodes, both as the character Colleen who was the niece of Grady, who is the keeper of the park where Barney spends much of his time. It was a great experience for Claire who was, initially, very apprehensive about all that would be required of her. However, she overcame her uneasy feelings and began to enjoy going to wardrobe and makeup every morning beginning at 7:30. Each episode took a total of six or seven working days to complete. Claire had a tutor on set for those times when she was not taping a scene or working on one of the songs.

Since the last Barney episode, Claire has been in a school play and continues to take acting lessons one or two times a month. She is open to the possibility of doing more acting work as she grows older. Until then, she is enjoying herself and becoming a well balanced girl.
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