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Chase, Montgomery Texas
This is a story of my little hero Chase. He was born in February, 2003 with one hand that we call "Nubby" but if you ask Chase he will tell you that Nubby was born first because Nubby loves to rub his hair and that is how Chase was born.

Everyone in the room was very quiet because we were surprised by the news that he was born without his left hand from the wrist up with 5 little round balls that were where his fingers should have been. The nurse wrapped him up with both arms tight in his blanket but as soon as I held him for the first time I pulled his little hands out to see what was different. They then took him down to the nursery to run test to make sure everything else was okay. The Doctors came back and said he was perfectly healthy.

When Chase was about 8 months old we took him to the Doctor and he said that he would not pull up and stand until we got him a cup on his Nubby but when we got home that night he proved the doctor wrong and crawled over to the coffee table and pulled right up. From that day I knew that he would be fine and that nothing or no one would stop him, but as his mom, every time a challenge came his way I held my breath. Like when we took him when he was three with his older brother Cody and older sister Brittany to play miniature golf. Chase became so angry that he could not play and I cried, but where he could not see me. When I got home we decided to buy him a little plastic golf set. Chase practiced and practiced and now he is the first one to get a hole in one when we play.

When Chase was five, it was time for baseball at the YMCA, and when his coach called I decided to tell him about nubby before the first practices. The first words out of his month were, how can he play. I just said he has figured it out. At the first game everyone clapped and cheered has he hit the ball to the outfield then ran the wrong way to third base.

Chase's next goal is to go cross the monkey bars with one hand and all I have to say is watch because nothing will stop him.

I would like to thank Shiners Hospital in Houston, Texas for their support with Chase and all the other families they help. God truly blessed me when he picked a very special boy like Chase to be my son.

To communicate with Chase, you may contact his mother via email.

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