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Cameron - Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom

Last summer I found out i was pregnant with baby number six. It was strange because throughout the whole of my pregnancy I never felt pregnant at all and at the beginning I had bleeding but was given the all clear. My 12-week scan was fine too but I barely put on any weight at all. I knew something was not right. I had never bled during pregnancy before and what with not feeling pregnant it did not add up. Then I had my 20-week scan but I was 22 weeks as there was a delay at the hospital.

It was there that they found something wrong with the babies hands and sent me to see a professor in Bristol. They thought the baby had TAR Syndrome but suggested tests as it could have been a number of different things. All the tests came back clear and after lots of scans they determined that the baby seemed to be fine apart from his hands but they could only see one thumb, and that they were not sure of.

Well, 3 months later baby Cameron was born 5 weeks early, he went into special care for 2 weeks but was fine. Cameron has the radius bone missing in one arm and a shortened radius in the other arm. He has one thumb but this is really just a skin tag and is of no use. His forearms are less than half the size they should be so things are going to be difficult as he gets older but at the moment he is thriving and is a normal little boy.

He uses his hands well but instead of using his pincers like us he puts things between his ring and baby finger. He can feed himself finger foods although at times this is a struggle and can feed himself his bottle with no problem at all. He also has micrognathia (little jaw) but I don't think it is!!

Even though it is hard going with all the appointments for him and tending to his other needs like his splinting and specialist equipment for his positioning to ensure his spine stays straight I feel truly blessed, he is a placid, loving little chap with a big personality and great determination. I am currently seeing a plastic surgeon who is offering to operate to correct his hands but i want to speak to families of children with either the same or similarities to Cameron before I make any decisions about going ahead with the operation so please allow people to have my e-mail address as I welcome any interest. Well I think I have covered everything if you have any questions please get back to me.

Please feel free to contact Cameron's parents via email. The would love to hear from you.

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