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Caleb, Vancouver, Washington

Hi, my name is Caleb. I am 8 years old and I was born with no left hand. Everybody is different. I like to play sports and baseball and I like to play monster trucks with my best friend in the backyard. Sometimes I also like to play video games. I think I like the way I am.

Prosthetics are kind of different than your regular hands. My parents asked me if I wanted a prosthetic, but I said "nah, I like myself the way I am." Everybody knows their parents love them just the way they are.

One time when we lived in Arizona we got to meet Jim Abbott at a card collectors show. I got to talk to him outside and spend about 20 minutes by myself with him. A TV reporter made a video for my family of the meeting for us and I got to be on the TV news. Jim Abbott was a baseball pitcher, he was really really nice. I even got to play catch with him for a couple of minutes. Right now my mom is reading the book "No Excuses" by Kyle Maynard. He was born with really short arms and legs.

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