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Caitlin - Fenton, Michigan

Caitlin with Ginger, our dachshund

Our daughter Caitlin was born in 1996. As a result of ABS, Caitlin has only vestigal fingers on her left hand, and her thumb is smaller than normal. We call it her "little hand", and have from the get-go tried to be as up front and factual about it as possible. We encourage her to do the same with her schoolmates and new acquaintances.

She's in second grade now, and is aware of the difference between herself and others, but she's a trooper and goes right on with her life, even when some of those second-grade teases get to her.

Caitlin is loving and creative, and has turned into quite a dynamite little skier. As a matter of fact, we're going to go next week to a sports prosthetic clinic to fit her with a special glove so that she can hold a ski pole.

She doesn't use prosthetic assists in everyday life, but we're going to have to go there in order for her to take her skiing to the next level.

Here's a personal letter from Caitlin!

Hi, I would like to meet Haley. I have never known any one who has the same hand as mine. Some kids at my school say that they are better than I am just because of my little hand. But I don't let that stop me from doing what I'm supposed to do. Some of the things that the other kids can do I can do too, some of the things that they do I can't do, and I can do things that they can't do. I'm just happy being who I am.

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