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Brittney - Davison, Michigan

My daughter Brittney is eight years old and she was born with amniotic band syndrome. She is missing the first joint of all the fingers on her left hand. The Doctor told us they didn't know why this happened. My mother went out on the internet and found medical information about ABS.

When she first started school she was self conscience of her hand. We told her the kids were not making fun of her but were just curious. She had a very nice kindergarten teacher who sat the other children down and explained more about her hand.

When she was first born her aunt bought her a tape with kids songs on it. We put it away until she was older. We were so surprised when a song with the words perfectly perfect just the way you are was in one of the songs. We have always told her she is perfect just the way she is and will be able to do anything she puts her mind to.

When she was 6 we contacted Caitlin's father in Holly, MI. and they came to visit Brittney, she was so excited to meet someone like herself. She is a very bright girl and will be able to do anything in life if she is willing to work hard to achieve it.

To communicate with Brittney, send an email to her parents.

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