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Amy - Seattle, Washington

Amy and her parents visited Haley and her mom in Portland in April, 2005. Amy Cohen was born on a snowy December day in 1992. Her hand difference was a surprise and a shock to us, her parents, who immediately thought of a hundred things she would never be able to do. Fortunately for us, we had Amy, herself, to knock this nonsense out of our minds. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves thinking in terms of how lucky she was to be able to do each new task. Amy herself turned our thoughts from negative to positive, and we have never looked back. We honestly can’t think of anything that She has not been able to find a way to do, including dealing cards, magic tricks and cross-stitch embroidery!

Today Amy is in the sixth grade. She doesn’t wish to be any different than she is. She has taken gymnastics classes since she was three in a non-competitive program where she chooses to skip the bars. She loves music, singing dancing and art. Amy also loves animals, especially dogs, horses and elephants. She would like to be an animal trainer when she grows up, and hopes to have a chance to live with and study wild elephants.

Here is a poem Amy wrote in fourth grade.

My Hand

My hand is quite small
It is round, but still, it is small
I Love my small hand

Amy was very proud to be asked to play a solo at an assembly for the primary grades recently at her school. Fourth-graders at her school learn to play the recorder. We were happy to find an inexpensive, adjustable recorder made especially for people with disabilities. It took only one special session with her teacher to work out alternative fingering and she has been able to play whatever she needs to.

The Aulos adjustable recorder is available from www.rhythmband.com for $14.50 (item number A204AF).

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