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Amelia - Kinder, Louisiana

Hi, My name is Brandy I am the proud mommy to Amelia Belle. Family & friends call her MiaBella, Italian that is "My Beautiful" which sums up how I feel about her. She is my beautiful baby girl. I always dreamed of having a daughter, a dream that the doctors told me was out of reach. I was told all my life, I am 33 now, that I would never have children. Boy were they wrong LOL! When my husband an I found out we were pregnant we were so excited. I had a fairly eventful pregnancy I was put on bed rest at 5 months I had lost almost all my amniotic fluid, reason unknown. 3 weeks before my due date we went in for one of the many Dr visits and while on the monitor they noticed that her heart rate would rise an fall.
My Dr decided to do an emergency C-section immediately. While being prepped for the surgery her heart rate fell to the 30's: I was horrified. Thankfully she was OK when they got her out of me. She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice an then around her arm. I was really scared cause she didn't cry at first an when she did it was so tiny I could barely hear it.

They were all standing around her for so long I just knew something was wrong. They wrapped her up an handed her to my husband who let me see her an then they took her away very quickly. She had to be given sugar water her blood sugar was low but other than that she was fine. When I came out of recovery they told me it would be a while before I could see her she was having trouble regulating her temperature. So while I waited I asked the age old question "10 fingers? 10 toes?"

The blood seemed to rush out of my husbands face an all he could say was "well...." I laughed at him an told him he wasn't funny. My mom was there also an she stepped up to tell me. She tried to explain it to me but my mind went numb. I didn't believe them. I couldn't understand how I wouldn't have known this with all the ultrasounds that were done. I buzzed the nurse an begged her to bring me my daughter.

Amelia was born missing her 3rd & 4th fingers on her right hand and her hand was very small. It looks like she is signing "I love You". We call it her I love you hand.

The first time I saw her it was so awesome. Then I unwrapped her... and I cried. The doctors came in an explained things to me but nobody had a reason. They kept telling me about the tests they were going to run on her an that I had to bring her to a genetics Dr. The 1st few months were such a blur in an out of the hospital an doctors offices. But still no answers.
My husband had just came home from Iraq a few months before we got pregnant and he was worried it was something he had been exposed to. But they say it wasn't. nine months later....she has grown so much. She has advanced so fast. She is on Early Steps an they just cant believe the things she can do with her li'l hand. She is so far right handed an does very well. She picks up her toys, crawls, pulls herself up, feeds herself. She is truly learning to adapt. I know we will have to learn to do some things different but that's OK. She goes to Shriners Hospital. They have found that the 2 little nubs she has are growing, well the skin is growing there is no bone in them. They also found that there is a piece of bone in the hand that should have been the finger bones an they are keeping an eye on them to see if they will grow.

In the beginning I cried every time I saw her hand, now I don't even notice it. I have learned it gets easier to handle has time goes on. I would love to meet other parents of children who have the same problems feel free to email me.

Amelia Turned 1 year old on October 26th!!! She is doing great! She started walking at about 11 months, . and since then she thinks she has to RUN everywhere! She has grown so much in size and personality. She loves to look at her books over playing with toys.

We started a program called "your baby can read" a few months ago and she is doing great! She can match flash cards with words to flash cards with pictures and is learning to follow directions. She is having to meet with a facial reconstruction team to determine if she may need surgery. Her facial bones are a little offset. They say its not bad now but could get worse if it goes untreated. I am not sure I want that type of surgery for her at this time.

She also is going back to her eye Dr to see if she is still farsighted and if she will need glasses. But other than those things she has been GREAT! She had a great first birthday party. Thanks to her Granny and Pop. Her Grandma from TN came down for her birthday also.

This Halloween was her first trick or treating experience. It was pretty good. She couldn't understand why everyone was touching "her" pumpkin, lol. By the time we made 2 blocks she was almost passed out she was so tired but she did manage to reach in her pumpkin and grab out a treat, Teddy Grams LOL! This year has been full of trials for us as a family but we have made it. And we look forward to the many years to come.

She had the privilege to meet a SuperHands hero (not on the site). We were having her 1-year pictures done and a woman walked up to me and asked if she was born that way, I have to admit I was kinda upset that someone would have the nerve to ask such a thing, but then she showed us her hand, and she was also born missing fingers.

Amelia immediately reached out to touch them and then showed her hand to the lady. The lady, whose name I do not know, was very sweet and told me something that will stick with me. She told me "she will be able to do things just like everyone else. I lived through it and it really wasn't that hard." She is my age 33, is married and has a beautiful child also. I don't think she realized what she has given me by telling me that and showing me that my child will live a normal life. If she ever reads this She will know who she is. Thank you to the lady at Olan Mills in Lake Charles, Louisiana!

I just want to add that we would love to hear from others, we love making new friends! We hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Amelia is now 2 1/2 years old. Growing and learning something new everyday. Her new favorite past time other than looking at books is singing songs and learning to play baby dolls. She is patiently waiting the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. She cant wait to teach him/her all types of new things.

To communicate with Amelia, you may contact her parents via email.
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