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Alexis, San Diego, California

In September, 1998 our lives were changed for the better when Alexis Hannah Joyce blessed our family. We were all overcome with emotion; her presence and beauty was absolutely captivating. While coming out of anesthesia, I was still trying to focus and comprehend what the doctor was describing to me, mostly about the delivery. Then I heard, "She was born without half of her left arm right below the elbow. We (meaning the doctors) were just stunned and she is a beautiful, healthy girl"! My eyes swelled with tears as my husband came in to hold my hand.

I thought I was dreaming...and then I was able to go back to my room to hold her for the first time. I must admit that I was very jealous that the rest of my family got to see my daughter before I did because I was recovering from a c-section in a different room. I million questions raced through my mind and I tried answering them with as much reason and knowledge as possible...but I just kept holding my daughter, looking into her eyes, seeing the future....

Fast forward 10 and a half years. Alexis went through two sets of prosthetics, but found each one frustrating because they weighed her down and actually prevented her from doing some activities. Alexis has had to face, climb and hurdle many obstacles, and still remains positive, confident and outgoing. She can clip her own nails, put a pony tail in her hair, ties her shoes, rows a kayak solo, is in safety patrol, peace patrol, honors society, student council, chorus and will begin hip hop soon. She loves drama, dancing, acting and singing and will continue to rise to the top.

As she enters middle school in a few short months, I cannot help but be concerned about her physical challenge and what lies ahead for her future (which I do for all my children) from development, dating, proms, college, jobs, marriage, babies, etc.

I am sure one day she will want to "revisit" the prosthetic idea, but for now, she is growing healthy and happy, full of drama and ready to conquer the world! One thing is for sure, Alexis stands tall and proud with such determination, motivation, wisdom, and inspiration and has shown us all priceless lessons in strength, encouragement, positivity, patience and love. We love you Alexis and are so thankful and grateful for such a wonderfu, charismatic daughter who has clearly taught us way more than we will ever teach you!

funny, smart, fair and kind
who loves my family, friends, and school
who feels kind, fair and warm
who needs help, love and hugs
who gives out cookies, cookie dough and fresh peanuts
who fears the dark, ghosts and spiders
who would like to see the fair
resident of san diego

To communicate with Alexis, you may contact her parents via email.

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