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Adriane Grimaldi - Scottsdale, Arizona

Adriane on the left with Santa in the Middle and another Special Blessings attendee. Every year Santa makes a special visit for the kids.
Adriane Grimaldi, founder of Special Blessings, was born without a right hand and recently found out it most likely was from ABS. Special Blessings is a support group for parents who have a child born with Amniotic Banding Syndrome (ABS) or really anyone with a limb difference.

The group was created in October 2001 by bringing two mothers together who recently had children born with limb differences. They had both commented they looked for a support group but couldn’t find any in the area. They had no one to talk to who would understand what they are going through.
Today, Special Blessings has 13 families that are connected and continues to grow. This group provides an opportunity for parents to meet other parents, people to share information and a chance for the children to interact with each other and see they are not alone.

Special Blessings gathers once a month in an informal meeting, usually at a parent’s home. We will often meet for special events as well. Here is a comment from a parent in Fresno, CA whom I connected with via the Internet. She saw my posting on ICAN website. She looked at my personal website showing some of my more “adventurous” activities. Her comments sum up why Special Blessings was created: “My daughter's story is identical. She is also missing her right hand below her wrist due to amniotic band and the way you described your hand is exactly how her tiny hand looks right now.

one of the girls in Special Blessings

I can't even find words to tell you how helpful your website is - I don't know anyone around here who can even relate to what we're going through. We live in Fresno, California. The hospital where she was born had never seen it and all the births her doctor had been present at, she told us she had never it seen it either. It's like no one in Fresno has it. My heart aches for the things we don't know yet, but your information has given me some hope on what she will be able to do.”

Our Website that has info on Special Blessings. For details of upcoming events, contact Adriane Grimaldi at (480) 423-3590 or send her an email (sbaz [at] cox.net).

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